battle for bustle issue 3

Battle For Bustle is a 32 page black & white comic book series written and illustrated by Townsville artist and writer Leigh Chalker.

Amongst Bustle’s huge population are the Mazians, the creators of a Utopian society in the lowest depths of the Stratoscrapers.  Talk of revolution has increased as kidnappings amongst the Pedestrian and Medial classes continue to rise.  The Mazian leaders who are desperate, make a plan thought impossible – to ignite the city’s suppressed population and revolt against the City Council and their Authoritarian oppression.  They need a spark to start the fire.  They need a symbol. They need 091177… But he has not been seen in fifteen years.

The Battle for Bustle begins...


Battle for Bustle is a Sci-Fi/fantasy comic book series set in the dystopian city of Bustle. Christopher Battle is amongst the lower working class citizens known as the Pedestrians. The story unfolds as Christopher; referred  to by his identicode as 091177 fights for his family's survival against the city's Authoritarian enforcers, triggering a rebellion against the corrupt council leaders and their cruel perpetual constraints over their powerless citizens.

The Battle for Bustle begins...

The story continues with a new issue being released every 6 weeks.


Artist & writer Leigh Chalker

Battle for Bustle is an Australian comic book series written and illustrated by Townsville artist and writer Leigh Chalker.

Leigh was inspired by the wonderful world of comics as a young boy when his father first introduced them to him at the age of 4. Since then Leigh has been creating comics as a hobby and published his first comic book Battle for Bustle issue 1 July 2020.

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